YBR Benefits

Yamuna Body Rolling will free restrictions, eliminate stress and tension and create a calm and balanced body.

Body Rolling with Kim

Body Rolling with Kim will enhance performance in any sport or fitness program. It will give you the tools to create a toned, structurally aligned body.

Body rolling is a weight-bearing stretch that works the muscle’s entire length, including tendons. It works by stimulating the bone, and elongates the entire muscle and tendon, allowing it to reach its full length. In a static stretch, only the belly of the muscle is worked, while the tendons remain in a shortened state. Body rolling is a much more effective tool for those looking to enhance muscle length and range of motion.

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Benefits of Body Rolling

Improved posture and range of motion
Improved alignment in all parts of the body
Increased muscle tone, and strength
Increased flexibility
Increased organ function
Freedom from old restrictive patterns caused by injury
Better balance, as core strength develops
Stress reduction as the ball stimulates the spinal nerve roots, soothing the nervous system

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