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Runners Clinic with Kim and Mary

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Jan 08 @ 06:00 pm - Jan 29 @ 07:30 pm
Runners — Identify Your Patterns! Break Bad Habits — A Runners Clinic with Kim Fitzgerald and Mary Reischl

A Four-part series featuring Kim Fitzgerald and Mary ReischlThis clinic will empower you with information and techniques that will allow you to resolve patterns and break habits that are not allowing you to perform at your best.

Class meets 4 consecutive Mondays 6:00-7:30.

1st Class (Jan 8)
Foot and Ankle — Building your Foundation from the ground up!
-Release solf-tissue and improve joint mobility in your feet and ankles.
– Improve foot mechanics and learn how to resolve issues such as: plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, bunions, flat feet, achilles tendonitis, lack of ankle mobility, knee injury and shin splints etc.
-Your feet are your most important aspect to running, stop breaking them down!

2nd class (Jan 15)
Pelvis — Finding your Center!
-Find your neutral pelvis and neutral spine.
-Learn proper anatomy of deep core and how to engage while standing.
-identify areas at risk in your body by learning postural assessment techniques and self-fixing strategies.
-release old patterns that aren’t serving you.

3rd class (Jan 22)
Hip and Knee — Resolve Imbalances!
-Are you equally engaging your front to back and medial to lateral lines?
-Identify overuse and if you are at risk for common running injury.
-identify where you need to lengthen and where you need to strengthen.

4th class (Jan 29)
Whole body — Getting ready and tying it all together!
-Review, practice, feel amazing!
-Learn how to ready your body with dynamic stretching
-Open your upper body to improve efficiency and lung capacity

Investment — 250.00
Includes a set of Foot Wakers so that you can maintain proper foot function for the rest of your life.