Enjoy a Stronger, Pain Free Life with Body Balance by Kim Fitzgerald!
Using powerful, effective techniques, you will experience top performance in every action, sport, or activity. We make everything better!

Body Rolling with Body Balance combines deep-tissue massage and total body alignment techniques. Using a 6-to-10 inch ball and the dynamic power of your own body, you will learn simple, effective routines that enhance any fitness program. With YBR, you will build a strong and properly-aligned physique. Whether you are an elite athlete searching for effective cross-training and targeted injury and prevention, or if you just want to finally experience a good night sleep and the ability to sit, stand, walk or travel in comfort – The body Balance Restorative Fitness program is for you!

Attend a class and discover how to:

› Strengthen and lengthen major and minor muscles, tendons and ligaments
› Improve flexibility and eliminate movement restrictions
› Engage and stimulate underdeveloped muscle groups
› Treat and prevent repetitive motion injuries common in all active lifestyles

Body Balance offers group classes, workshops, certification trainings, and experiential anatomy courses.
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Foot Fitness

Foot Fitness uses specially designed props, and specialized routines, to restore healthy foot function. You’ll create balance in your feet, enhance flexibility and strength, and restore proper gait. This class will empower you to heal foot, ankle, and knee problems such as plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuromas, achilles tendonitis, “runner’s heel”, fallen arches, and bunions. This work is profound, and will give you lasting, permanent relief!

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Kim’s approach
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Kim is a Master Healer, and a leader in Education and Holistic Health Studies. A certified YBR Instructor, Anatomy Educator, Holistic Health Practitioner, and a Practicing Sports Therapist with over 25 years of experience, Kim has a unique understanding of how the body works.

Kim’s philosophy is simple: to provide her students with effective techniques for building a sustainable body that functions as intended — fluid, relaxed, and pain-free. In this way, Kim inspires and empowers her clients and students to create profound, positive changes within their bodies. In YBR, Kim discovered the perfect tool to help her clients realign structure, and elongate muscle groups and through that process, understand the importance of a well-balanced, properly aligned physique. Kim’s love, passion, and keen understanding of the human body offers a super fun and enriching educational experience, like none other you’ve ever experienced!

Kim Fitzgerald here: FB @bodybalancebykimfitzgerald and IG @bodybalancebykim

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32773 Calle Perfecto
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

T: 949 291 9082