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Osgood Schlatters Disease (knee pain) and Youth.

Osgood-Slaughters Disease Is a common cause of knee pain in growing adolescents.  It is an inflammation of the area just below the knee where the Tendon from the kneecap (patellar tendon) attaches to the shinbone (tibia). Osgood-Slaughters occurs during growth spurts, when bones, muscles, tendons, and other structures are changing rapidly.  

This techniques is extremely effective in relieving pain and inflammation within the tendon and at the attachment site.  You’re essentially “feeding space and length” into the Patellar Tendon and allowing the attachment site to ease the tension.  Once the Tendon can lengthen and release, the inflammation and pain will resolve quite quickly!  

I tried many techniques while my soccer girls were growing and experiencing this painful condition.  This technique is the only technique that gave lasting and permanent relief!