How to heal TMJ Syndrome with Kim Fitzgerald

How to heal TMJ Syndrome with Kim Fitzgerald

If you're suffering from grinding of the teeth, clinching patterns in the Jaw joint, and TMJ disorders then this class is for you!  

You have the capacity to heal yourself...all you need is a little direction and inspiration and you can permanently rid TMJ Disorder and associated pain from your body.  I've healed my own awful jaw joint patterns, and I can show you how to heal yours. 

During this class, you'll discover and practice 3 effective techniques which can be practiced anytime, anywhere (especially before bed and upon awakening) in order to take your body out of this painful pattern, and restore proper alignment of the TMJ.   You've got can fix this pattern once and for all and rid those mouth guards to boot! 

Tuesday August 9th 6:00-7:30pm 

Space limited, allowing for more personalized care.